We specialize in selection of technical profiles in different sectors for all sizes companies, whether national and international.

In constantly demanding industries and requirements to hiring specialized staff, we drive ourselves to specialize in the search and selection of the most adequate candidates. 

We work for the extensive range of sectors, having a clear focus on the most popular areas, such as Automotive, Food, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Automation and Machinery. 

Our vast experience in the industry, has provided us with extensive market knowledge of their profiles.

Beauty Industry

The cosmetic industry is one of the most dynamic and innovative sectors worldwide, our country being the fifth most important market in the EU, directly employing more than 35,000 people.

What separates us in this sector is our high level specialization in attracting talent for companies that produce flavours and fragrances, also from multinationals with branch in Barcelona, ​​ national companies to international SMEs.

We help to incorporate talent through the attraction and selection of key profiles such as perfumists, flavourists, evaluators, accounts managers, purchasing profiles, regulatory profiles or flavour and fragrance analysts.


Groups the companies which are specialized in providing services.

Our clients are highly specialized in their area, therefore they require very specific professionals who come from companies in the same sector and with a high reputation among their clients.

In these ten years of experience, a wide variety of companies have trusted us: from marketing and advertising services companies to legal, health, sports or supply chain services among others.


The IT sector has led to an evolution in the working environments and workplaces. Technologies have influenced companies and have generated the creation of newly qualified profiles. Due to this, we emphasize the importance of both personal and competence analysis for these profiles.

Production processes and business philosophy have an influence on the economy in all sectors, therefore transforming the work spaces and changing the business model, which is the combination of productivity, employee welfare and high profitability.

This sector is one of the best standing in the current economic situation that requires us to provide professionals who are capable to adapt to this evolving time and constant changes.